K9 Express instructorsK9 Express instructors have attended and judged many agility trials across Canada.

Individually, K9 Express instructors made it their long term goals to be on the podium at the AAC Nationals. We also set short term goals: better obstacle performance, more efficient handling, and improved communication with our dogs.

Training is not an individual endeavour, feedback from like-minded people is an important part of the learning process. It quickly became apparent that working and training together dramatically improved skills, allowing us to reach our goals.

We've noticed that the level of handling shows dramatic improvement in those regions that have multiple clubs and training schools. There are more trials and more active participants, helping each other improve their abilities and enjoyment of the game.

It became apparent that we could help more handlers, who may have similar goals as ours, by sharing what we know and what we learn as we continually strive to improve our own handling.